This is a prototype script written in PHP for converting Tibetan text romanized according to the Wylie convention into classical uchen script. The PHP script parses the Wylie text, identifies the stacks according to the rules of Tibetan grammar, and matches them up to GIFs which I created in Photoshop using freely-available fonts from the Tibetan Computer Company.

The limitations of such an approach should be apparent, and now with the existence of numerous Tibetan Unicode fonts the labour has been pretty much nullified. Nonetheless it was an interesting project and I would gladly send the source code to anyone who would like to see it. If so, drop me a line.

The converter has only rudimentary support for Tibetanized Sanskrit. Also, some exotic letter stacks are still missing. Show all available characters (over 500 KB: may take a while over a slow connection).

The following punctuation is available:

[space]   tsheg
/ shad
@ rinatshegchenatshegsprulatshegshadashad
- 20-pixel spacer
( left parenthesis
) right parenthesis

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Test 2:

The Bibliographic Titles File is a list of some 688 titles of texts found in the collection of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center. I used them to perform a fairly robust test of the converter. Give it a try! The script is not terribly efficient and it take a while to churn through all the tities, so it may take a few moments to start... be patient.